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Life as a mother is beautifully challenging.

Karmama is an initiative to help support mothers, new and experienced, while navigating the precious first years of your little ones life. Many available programs in the Central Island area are designed for babies and toddlers, but where are the support services just for the Mamas?

There is strength in community. There is beauty in connecting with other women experiencing motherhood no matter what stage of their little(s). We are better together.

Karmama is run by Samantha Gurvin, a mother herself of a precocious little boy born in April of 2023. Through her own journey of pregnancy and new motherhood, she observed a lack of services that focus on mothers in the Central Island community, specifically cost-free options for any mother to participate in.

Financial ability and geographic location should not be barriers to connecting with other mothers. Karama's holistic approach is built on the four pillars of wellbeing: Mental, Physical, Financial and Social.

Karmama strives to: create affordable and cost-free opportunities for mothers to practice mindfulness during a phenomenally transformative times in their lives, offer various ways to move their bodies, and create community with others with many connections lasting into life long friendships.

Please visit our home page for current offerings and links to our social media and facebook group "Mid Island Mindful Mamas".


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