Tuesday, April 24, 2012

When a Tree Falls in the Woods....

It seems it has been a long hiatus ...unintentional at first, followed by disappointed resignation. It is just not possible to do everything! I had hoped to continue writing in this space after returning to work. This sort of happened, until school started again! Oh dear. If all goes well, I will be finished my masters degree by Christmas ...something I am really looking forward to as university stresses me out. I am making a personal resolution to start back up in January and at least visit more frequently in the meantime. I miss you guys!

So..you know the saying...

When a tree falls in the woods...

Nope. We didn't hear a thing. I can't believe we slept through this. This very big tree is close to the house. In fact, it would have crashed right through the dinning room had the wind been blowing the other way. As it is, it barely missed the coop. The poor chickens probably thought the sky was falling. They are still a little spooked.

It also missed the clothesline, which is a little ironic. We've had such bad luck with that thing. It seems it takes nothing to bring it down, but it did survive this tree!

Oliver has some fence patching to do, but nothing serious. The big job will be removing the large tree... and the smaller one it took down with it.

At least everybody is safe and sound.


  1. I have missed you Amanda!
    Glad you are safe and I'm sorry about your tree.

  2. So glad to see you post! You're truly missed!

    And thank goodness the tree fell and only took out a bit of fencing.


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