Friday, March 25, 2011

Project Simplify ~ Hot Spot #1

I am so behind on this project, but better late than never right? The first hot spot is the master closet. Since Cole has the bigger bedroom, Oliver and I share a very squishy closet. Its jammed packed full of both of our clothes, including out of season stuff. Having spent the last year pregnant and now breastfeeding, I also have a lot of "this will fit me later clothes" shoved in there. We don't have a very large linen closet, so there are also extra blankets and sheets and who know what else!

I started by hauling everything out of there, and went through all the clothes item by item, ruthlessly purging. I got rid of everything that I haven't worn in over a year. I got rid of out-dated styles. I garbaged anything stained or with worn Although I did allowed myself a small pile of "to be mended" items. Between the closet and my dresser, we ended up with three garbage bags full of give-aways and a half-bag for the dump.

Some items found a new home. My wedding dress went to the basement. Cole's sheets went to his closet.

There were some clothes that I had a hard time making a decision about. I placed them in a medium sized box and dated it March 2012. If I don't open it before then, the whole box will be donated.

The closet was washed out and I added a moisture absorber as our house tends to be damp, especially in tight corners. Everything left was put back in, his clothes on the left, mine on the right. The shelves house Oliver's sweaters and extra pants.

Brand new hangers help the small space to look neat and organized. They are narrower too, so take up less room and the velvet means the clothes won't slip off and end up in a pile on the closet floor.

It feels really good to have unburdened myself of this mess and all the excess clothing, etc. I think maybe some mental clutter went with it. On to the next project! Spring cleaning time...out out cobwebs!

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  1. Those rougue plastic hangers make me laugh and think of your grandmother :)


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